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How We Got Started was founded by a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Linda Engelman has a therapy practice in the East Bay, Northern California, specializing in working with couples. Linda recognized a need in her own community for a centralized location where people could find Group Therapy led by professionals. The result was the Web site you are viewing.

For Which Types of Problems Would Group Therapy Be Indicated?
There are group therapy opportunities for a wide range of emotional and psychological issues, including Anger Management, Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Depression, Eating Disorders & Body Image, Bi-Polar Disorder, Divorce and Separation, Grief & Loss, Parenting & Step-Parenting, Chronic Pain/Illness, Addiction, Recovery, and so many others. There are also therapy groups specific to the issues faced by men, women, gays/lesbians, the elderly, adolescent boys, adolescent girls, young children, and more.

If you are seeing an individual or family therapist, ask your professional whether he or she feels that you would benefit from a group as an adjunct to your existing treatment.

How is Confidentiality Handled?
You should expect the professional leading your group to discuss confidentiality with you, including its limitations, and you should anticipate that what you talk about in group will stay within the group, with a few exceptions (mental health professionals are permitted, and sometimes mandated, to break confidentiality, depending on the laws of your state). Group members are always encouraged to respect each other's privacy and to refrain from discussing others personal experiences outside of the group sessions. Be sure to ask about confidentiality and how it works in the initial phone conversation you have with the group leader.

Note that there is no confidentiality implied or offered in your use of this Web site. While we do not gather any personal data about users of this site, we also cannot guarantee that your clicks through this site, or any Internet site, are private.

Does Research the Mental Health Professionals Listed On This Site?
No. We DO require a membership in order to post a group, and we DO require a valid license number from the professionals who list their groups here. However, we do not research our subscribers; we do not interview them or otherwise qualify them. If a professional has a valid license to practice mental health, he or she is eligible to list a group.

Before going further, please read our disclaimer about using this site and selecting a therapist!

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I'm A Therapist...How Do I List My Group On This Site?
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FindGroupTherapy.Com is a directory of therapy groups led by licensed and pre-licensed mental health professionals. Therapy groups can be searched by city/state or by category, and can be found throughout the United States. Group therapy topics include addiction, anger, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, divorce, domestic violence, eating disorders, parenting, teens, children, recovery, women's issues, men's issues, ADHD, financial issues, general therapy issues, intimate relationships, and much more.

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